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Milkshakes, funnel cakes, churros, and more.

Are you looking for a dessert store and ice cream shop near me? Just look no more. The Sweet Spot is Virginia Beach favorite dessert shop. We offer the best yummy desserts. Thirty-eight flavors of the best ice cream! Do we have vegan dairy-free ice cream or no sugar-added? We do! Handmade milkshakes. Fresh-made bubble waffles. Non-dairy fruit smoothies and Italian coffee. Sounds good? You can pick your favorite dessert from our menu and let us make it from scratch.

Two igloo lounges outside of the Sweet Spot in Virginia Beach at night with pink lights.

Book your private igloo today for a birthday, a date idea, or a getaway! The perfect Virginia Beach igloo lounge experience.

The sweet spot

igloo lounges.

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Our Delicious Art

All the explosive milkshakes at the sweet spot in Virginia Beach

Handmade with real ice cream.


Served in a mason jar that is yours to keep. Bring back the jar for your next milkshake and save $2.


Strawberry Shortcake shake.

Three bubble waffles, Nutella, strawberry, and Rice Krispie. The Sweet spot.

A freshly made bubble waffle.

All bubble waffles come with two scoops of ice cream, toppings, drizzle, and whipped cream.

Two cups of ice cream. Oreo cookies and cream ice cream, strawberry cheesecake ice cream, whipped cream churros, and a cheesecake.

Our churros are fried and fresh to order.


They come with two scoops of ice cream, two churros, topping, drizzle, and whipped cream.


Oreo monster with chocolate sauce. Cheesecake bites with strawberry sauce.

Butter pecan ice cream, cookie monster ice cream, Superman ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and cotton candy ice cream.

Over 32 flavors of ice cream.

In addition, two flavors of the month and five dairy-free vegan flavors!

Superman, moose tracks, strawberry shortcake, cookie monster, butter pecan.

The sweet spot funnel cake with strawberries

Our pink funnel cakes are fried fresh to order.


We use only real fresh fruit. We never use jammed or canned fruits.


You can pick a plain funnel cake with powder sugar or one of our custom ones.


Pick your favorite from our menu.

Six mini donuts with powdered sugar The Sweet Spot.

Fried fresh to order.


Our donuts are made with imported Italian flour and sugar.


Vanilla Creme or chocolate hazelnut filled. Six mini donuts with powdered sugar.

Mocha Oreo, caramel, and strawberry frappe. The Sweet Spot.

Delicious vanilla bean, mocha, caramel, strawberry cream, white chocolate, mocha Oreo, and caramel cookies and cream.


All topped with whipped cream and drizzle.

The Sweet Spot smoothie

Non-dairy and made with real fruits.


Coconut, strawberry banana, mango, peach, blueberry, and more.

Iced latte The Sweet Spot.

Prepared with Lavazza. Italy’s favorite coffee.


Lavazza is a refined and aromatic blend of selected Arabica coffee beans. A sweet aroma of almonds and milk chocolate with a hint of dried fruit.


Espresso, cappuccino, latte, and more to come.

Tiramisu, ice cream, and a shot of espresso. The sweet spot.

A heavenly combination of cake with ice cream and a shot of espresso.

We take pride in using only the finest ingredients to create the most delicious cakes you’ve tasted. That’s why we use authentic Italian ingredients in our cakes, to ensure every bite is a delightful experience.

An assortment of waffles, churros, funnel cakes, and donuts. Fresh strawberries and a sauce. The sweet spot.

An assortment of waffles, churros, funnel cakes, and donuts. Fresh strawberries and a sauce for dipping accompany them.

The combination of sweet and savory flavors creates a unique and delicious treat. Perfect for sharing with your loved ones, friends, and family.

The sweet spot lemonades.

Our natural lemonade is made with only three ingredients: Water, lemons, & a touch of sugar. With dried strawberries.


Refreshing, tangy, & perfectly balanced.

The sweet spot slushy. Cherry and blue raspberry slush.
Slush with

Icy treat bursting with fruity flavors. With chewy gummy bears & sour worms. Gluten-free.

Popping Boba Lemonade the sweet spot
Popping Boba Lemonade

Unlock the taste of adventure. Dive into our popping boba lemonades.

Rainbow bagels The Sweet Spot.
Breakfast Bagels & Biscuits​

Delicious bagels straight from the heart of Long Island, NY, and proudly American biscuits.


More to come. Stay tuned.

The sweet spot drinks, coffee can.
Coffee At Home Or On The Go!

Enjoy our drinks on the go or at home. We seal the cans on the spot using a special sealing machine. This ensures that the beverages remain fresh and flavorful.

Why The Sweet Spot?

Since its inception, The Sweet Spot® has strived to guarantee quality products,
establish competitive prices and provide true value to you as our customers.


We are not your typical fast-food dessert store. Why? Because we prioritize the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients, and we prepare everything to order.


Our Ice Cream is made from natural and wholesome ingredients such as fresh cream, fruits, nuts, spices, and milk to ensure the best product is served. It is made with the highest quality cocoa available anywhere. The fruit flavors are made from hand-picked, fresh frozen fruits and contain only high-grade almonds, pecans, and walnuts. These ingredients are often more expensive but contribute to a better-finished product.


Most of our desserts are made with imported Italian sugar, flour, and eggs. We offer a wider menu selection and focus on providing a unique and memorable experience for the whole family.

Our Promise

You, as our customers, are our top priority.


Our main goal is to improve your experience. We work to improve our products and to serve you more quickly.


At The Sweet Spot®, we don’t compromise on quality. Nor opt for ingredients that are not fresh. All our ice cream is real premium ice cream. We do not serve frozen dairy desserts, custards, or light ice cream.


When you order, we create your product from scratch. We produce nothing but the best desserts.


The Sweet Spot goal is to create our delicious ‘art’ on the spot. Everything is made fresh to order. Nothing is prepared in advance to guarantee the best experience!

Please be patient. Wait time can vary. Thank you in advance.


Our sweet family.

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What our customers say

The Sweetest Spot

"One of my favorite stops"
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I have been meaning to review Sweet Spot in Fairfield Shopping Center for a while. This is one of my favorite stops for ice cream. Many items on the menu are a bit pricey. Still, it is worth it with serving size, presentation, experience, and of course, how tasty everything is. The interior and exterior of the shop are so cute, and of course, everything is pink. They have music playing at a reasonable volume, and the outdoor seating area has fire pits. It's a vibe. Service is always friendly and helpful. They are very accommodating to special requests. They have non-dairy options and will help you find something right for you if you have an allergy or are vegan. I used to be vegan, and all the non-dairy flavors are delicious, especially Cookies and Cream. I recently started eating dairy again, which opened me up to trying so many new things. Going to Sweet Spot was already a real treat. I have now tried their milkshakes and a couple of their many flavors of traditional, handmade ice cream. Last night's visit was my favorite so far. The Fruity Explosion milkshake is out of this world. I love Fruity Pebbles, and having them in a milkshake is something I never thought of, but it is a delicious combination! Crunchy cereal and smooth, sweet ice cream! Yum!! The time before that, I got the Oreo Madness milkshake. This one is rich and chocolaty with the toppings and syrups they add on. And it comes with a tasty ice cream sandwich! Yep, milkshakes are a favorite of mine in the ice cream world, and The Sweet Spot is killing it! ...
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It was my and my husband's first visit, and this will be a regular part of our dates. The staff was excellent and friendly. The milkshake was AMAZING. To top it off, the place was beautifully decorated with such good photo options. I can't wait to go back for our next date. If you have not been, go now!
"That was good"
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I first saw the sweet spot on someone’s TikTok. I was like, I want to go there for my birthday weekend. Upon arriving, I was unsure because the line was long, but it was well worth the wait!! The shop is very welcoming, and I loved the decor. I ended up ordering a funnel cake with ice cream. I can say that was good. Unfortunately, I live two hours away, but if I lived in Virginia Beach, I would be there every day!
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This is what dreams are made of. The decor and ambiance are perfectly pink and photo ready! The menu is incredible. With sweet treats from funnel cakes to milkshakes and churros with tons of options for toppings and customizations. The staff was so kind and helpful in trying to make a decision. I wish I lived closer as I would be a regular.
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Such a beautiful spot, very clean, and has a nice aesthetic. Perfect for a date or anything, honestly! Has many different sweet choices. The funnel cakes are so big, fluffy, and soft. If you don’t like hard-fried funnel cake that’s greasy, this is the spot!
"Caught my eye"
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I saw this at the beach, and it caught my eye enough to look it up. They have two locations in VB, and we chose to check this one out. It was an unexpected opportunity that we were able to try this and a very similar novelty ice cream shop, The Yard Milkshake Bar, in the same month. I will compare the two at the end. This place is very, very pink. That, along with their fancy, unique milkshakes and desserts, makes it stand out. It also has a bit of comfy chic to it as well. It appears they transformed an old 7-11 or Ez Mart into milkshake magic land. They have various desserts...
"Worth the wait"
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I visited the location at the oceanfront, and the line was out the door. It was a blessing because I changed my mind about 15 times. All looked so good! I chose spontaneously at the counter, and it was worth the wait! I am so glad they opened another location that will be more convenient! I can't 100% remember what I got, but it was an item that had the things I wanted. There were churros, perfectly crispy and fluffy, marshmallows, Nutella, and cookie crumbles. I am sure I am missing something, but it was delicious and huge! This ended up being shared with my husband!

Allergen Disclaimer:
Please be advised that food may contain or touch a variety of allergens, including but not limited to gluten, nuts, dairy, and soy. We take the necessary precautions to prevent cross-contamination. Still, we cannot guarantee that any of our dishes will be completely free from traces of allergens. If you have a food allergy, please inform your server before ordering, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you do not consume any food that may cause an allergic reaction. By dining with us, you acknowledge and accept these risks.